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Update on ollie and pictures, 2004-12-07, 6:10 a.m.

My little cat is better. He was hurt around six in the morning, we were told at eight to keep him away for 12-18 hours and at ten to eight last night he slept. Have you ever tried to keep a cat awake? Not easy.
Here's a picture of him just as he's falling asleep.

Poor boy. First he's awake for ages, and now I'm taking pictures of him. He slept on our bed all last night, curled into my legs.

Some more recent pictures:

P. has a new hat. He's a little unsure in this picture but:

He likes it!!!

P. lives trying to stand. He can pull himself up when holding onto something - like the side of his crib when he's in it or on one of us when we're lying on the floor. And he's trying to pull himself up on other things, but everything he has access to right now is a little to high for him. He's working on it.

And now for something completely different:

I actually looked decent one morning!!!




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