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Unexpected monies, 2006-01-27, 6:23 p.m.

Today was a financially rewarding day at work. Not just for the regular reasons, but because I left with almost 500$ that I didn't have when I went in this morning.

First I won the 50/50. This was supercool and was welcome, especially after playing all fall. That was 92.50 and a very appreciated addition to my pocketbook.

Then, a kid came in. He was selling tickets on an X*B*o*x 360 that were going to be drawn in a few mintues. Dad bought 10$ worth and told me to put P.s name on them. So I did. And then he won. And I took the money - 400$.

We're generally broke. Very little money at all. So there are lots of things that we want to get for P. that we can't afford. And so now we're going to get a few things. I'm going to pick up a sled and let him pick out a toy - perhaps a little people one. Der is going to use some of the money to build a computer for him. And all will be good.

Yay unexpected money!




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