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Update, 2006-11-20, 6:22 p.m.

Today to celebrate National Day of the Child, P.s daycare did a couple special things. He came home with a blue ribbon on, they had McD0n@ld$ for lunch and they had a performer come in. We came by to pick him up and the performance had just begun. The kids were all sitting quietly o the floor watching. All except for Patrick. He was getting up, trying to touch the set up and dancing around. We left to pick up some groceries as they were going to be another hour or so but all I could think was 'Don't get in trouble! Don't get in trouble!'. When we came back he was leaning on a chair, so I don't know if they moved him from the front or not.
I'd be very mixed about it if they did. On the one hand, it was sitting quietly time. They were all dancing when we got back (except for P who was leaning on the chair). On the other hand, he just liked moving to the music. He's used to being with the band and dancing around. Either way, I think he enjoyed it a lot. And then I bought him Spiderman jammies, so his day was complete.
I'm tired. I've been tired lately, which is a part of recovery. Or so I've been told. I'm working up energy to answer e-mails and find that sitting all day is the one way to not be really tired or in pain. I turned on 'Gone with the Wind' today and talked to a good friend for a while. It was grea to be able to talk to her midday. Fantastic in fact.
And now it's time to check out the lego store and see if I can find any stocking stuffers.




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