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Update, 2006-12-02, 6:51 p.m.

Five days.
Well, I guess that's what happens when I go back to work. As yes, I returned to work on Wednesday.
It's been ok. I've gotten a lot of "so, how are you feeling" and the like. Several "You look good" which is nice. One teacher asked if I'd lost a lot of weight, but I told her that it was just the appendix gone.
The kids have been good. I've got everything planned out for now until winter break so I feel good about that. I have yearbook kids scared they missed a meeting, which is nice as it shows how dedicated they are. It's great there.
So, what has made it just ok? Well, I'm exhuasted. I took a two hour nap today. And my stomach was really hurting - when I sat down at the assembly yesterday it felt like it had a few days after the operation - it hurt a lot.
All of this will go away and I'll be back to as close to normal as I can be. I'm good today - I even did two yoga shows. Sure I was super cranky, but that was cured by the nap.
Tomorrow I go to my parents house. I intend to go on the treadmill for a bit. My aunt and maybe my uncle will be there and I'll get to see them for a bit. We're making winter baskets which will be a lot of fun - getting branches from the garden and adding pine cones, bows and ornaments. And listening to holiday music!!
I miss being able to update daily.




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