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Update, 2005-01-06, 8:41 p.m.

Things have been very boring here lately. Well, perhaps not boring. Low key I guess. I've been getting used to my laptop, upon which I run linux, which I've also been getting used to. I've not figured out how to plug in my card reader, so no pictures - including no pictures of my new hair cut or the joey ramone I knit for D. for christmas. Soon I hope. As well, the picture from the photo shoot a while ago are now in my posession, however, the scanner is not working as of today, so hopefully soon. D. tried for an hour to set it up, but to no avail. So we'll see.
I've been enjoying knitting, even though one of the christmas gifts I was making didn't work out - I'm still working on it. I've been working on that, the blanket for P., another bag and slippers for me. I really really want to have a stitch and bitch around here - one that I can go to and be of average age and have people knit neat things. Kinda like the knitting group I read in livejournal (don't worry!!! I'm not heading over there for good!! I do have a journal there that I never update, but I like the groups I read there! There, the one person that reads this is like *whew! she's not going to livejournal!*). I would love a SnB once or twice a month. That would kick ass.
I've not opened up my sewing machine yet, but I plan to next week. I want to put a lining on a purse I'm knitting, so I'm going to try it then. I have lots of fabrics for blankets so I have those to make as well. Yay, I'm a craft machine!
We have someone lined up to take P. when I go back to work. She seems nice and we're going to do some getting used to it times soon. I'm thrilled, but it does mean that I am actually going back to work. This is something that doesn't totally appeal - I fully admit that if I could work at home I would - but it has to happen.
In other news, P. is trying to walk. He's able to make it a meter or so by holding on to things. He also holds out his hands to walk with people. He's amazing and learning more every day. He also has a new trick where he hugs my legs when I'm standing and he's on the floor. He loves green beans and sweet potato and carrots, which makes me happy as he went off of veggies for a while. We have some that he doesn't like again, such as turnip, potato, peas and broccoli, but then, he never liked potato, turnip and peas we've only tried once, but he did like broccoli. It was totally my fault - I fed him veggies then fruits, then continued with fruits and he forgot the wonderful world of veggies. Now, we're introducing it again, this time we're doing it right. I hope. I'm going to introduce cheese tomorrow and chicken soon, so it's all wonderful!
We have our tickets booked for our vacation this summer. Or at least our ferry booked. Now we need to book our PEI portion of the trip. We are going to the musical 'Anne of Green Gables', going to Rainbow Valley, Green Gables, The Brackely Drive in and the beach. Then off to New Brunswick and perhaps the tip of the states. Who knows? Then to Fredricton for a family reunion and then home. Medium (not quite short, but perhaps long enough) and sweet. I'm thrilled and so very excited.
And finally, I've started working out. I'll not get into the details for paragraphs and paragraphs here, but I have started doing cardio in the mornings and pilates in the evening. When exercise class starts again, I'll go back to that. Yay me.
And now the baby is crying. So good night.




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