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Counting my blessings, 2004-07-13, 12:14 p.m.

I've craved family time lately. D. has been working on his ramp, which is great, but I've wanted time with the three of us. We did that yesterday, taking a walk in a local park: D. and I walking, P. in his stroller, wearing his sweater for the first time. Pictures are below. It was amazing to be able to meander through a park, point things out to P. and generally enjoy the grey skies and the company.

D. and I had a relationship mini-talk last night. But not a bad one. A good one. I'm realizing how lucky I am at this point in my life. I'm 27. I'm married to a wonderful man to whom I can talk, even when I'm pissed at him. Which, because of the whole being able to talk thing, doesn't happen often. We have a wonderful son who turns 11 weeks today. We have a cat who is adjusting well and who still wants to cuddle at times. We own our house, our car. We have a good relationship with my family. We have our health.

Yes, there have been bad times. Tomorrow is a three year anniversary of a tragic event in our lives. We've been flooded, we've dealt with moving due to natural disaster, we've been poor, we've had car issues, we've had a cat die, we've had job stress, we've had health stress. Yet, with all of this, our lives are good. Our lives are wonderful.

Sometimes it's nice to count the blessings.

In other news, I walked a little over three kilometers this morning in 40 minutes - two loops around a pond. It was great to actually get out and do that. I've been threatening to for a while but finally my schedule and the weather agreed and P. and I could walk. It wasn't as slow as our walk yesterday, which was good, it was a walk to get the heart pumping. It on the sign that going around once would take 15 minutes walking briskly, and 25 minutes strolling. I think the person who made that sign had longer legs than I and wasn't toting a stroller. Either way, the 20 minutes each round was great and I felt so good afterwards. However, I've been starving ever since!

Either way, here are the pictures I promised:

At the Peter Pan Statue in the Park. I had him touch it like so many kids do. It's the only thing that really woke him up for the whole walk.


See... he slept the whole walk.




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