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Lots of little things, 2004-07-26, 7:55 p.m.

Ok, some totally random entries:

First thanks for the comments on my previous entry. At some point, I will have pants again. Some day.


I want to be totally petty about someone, and at the same time be honest and open about my feelings. I feel a little hurt about a major situation in a way that's going to have repercussions throughout life. Hurt and pissed. As is normal in this situation. I just hope it's not always like this and that some day, it will all be ok.


I was out at my parents house today. It was great. They take care of me - let me be a kid as well as a parent. And they feed me. It's wonderful. Being home in the day, I can make appointments to see people, especially when D.'s at work. It's great going out and joining humanity. And especially great when I get someone to take care of me and who let me take a nap.


P. turns three months tomorrow. Three months. I can't believe that he's getting so old and so big. At the bottom I'll have a couple pictures. He's discovered his fingers and tends to suck on them a bunch. He's a charmer and smiles at everyone who shows him kindness. P. is a total poppy's boy and he and my dad have great times together. Right now he's curled up with D. and is being a daddys boy.

Last night he was totally needy. He and I went to sleep on the couch. D. had us go into bed and changed P.s diaper while I tried to not wake up. Except P. peed everywhere. So I needed to help clean up. Then P. was awake. And we hung out for a while. He went to sleep and we went to bed. Then I couldn't sleep. When I finally began to drift off, P. woke up. He just needed to cuddle, so he slept in the bed with us. I woke up confused - where's the baby! kind of feeling. But it worked out well. However, the nap I had today was needed. Hopefully he sleeps tonight.


When P. was born, I wanted a ring. Or, perhaps I should say, for P.s birth, I wanted a ring - something to hold on to and give him when he's older as something that was meaningful to his life. I want his birthstone (either diamond, white topaz or white sapphire) in a silver setting. I've found one that I like - here - now I just need to order it. It's not exactly what I wanted, but is the closest - a real stone (yes, I checked) and silver. I like this one, but it's the wrong stone. Anyone have any suggestions before I figure out shipping?


As promised, pictures:

A little fuzzy, but beautiful eyes

At the beach

His smile




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