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Pictures. Yes, more pictures, 2004-07-03, 10:07 p.m.

Ok, just notes. First, with new parents, don't make plans, then ignore them and then summon them over. Of course, that may be expected from you if you're always pulling crap like that. And, never tease a new mother about her weight, especially when she doesn't expect that from you. It hurts. Even if you're just joking. Two different people, two different events. One confused person. (That one is me).

One thing I'm not confused about is how damn cute P. is. Here's more pictures:

After his first movie.

Spit does just happen you know. Especially when you least expect it.

In his stroller. We finally got it on the road!

There's a little pair of pants that go with this that say 'troublemaker' all down the side, but they're small on him. He's growing so fast!!!




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