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Music, 2004-07-21, 10:50 a.m.

Let's try this with a baby in my arms...

Music has always been a huge part of my life. At four, I started piano lessons. In grade six, when having to change piano teachers, I went to the only person in town that gave voice lessons and convinced her to teach me to sing. We then had to find another piano teacher. I took voice for six years, piano for fourteen. I played flute in my school band. I've been in many musicals and festivals. For a while, I wanted to be an actress. My first degree is in English, concentrated in Theatre and Music (with Womyn's studies as a minor). I love music.

P. loves music. He loves to be sung to. He loves when I look at him and sing him a ballad, whether it's 'In the Jungle', 'Tell me on a sunday' or 'You are my sunshine'. They're all ballads and he's my leading man for all of them. This morning, he smiled and giggled for ages as we danced to 'What's new, Buenos Aries' (from the Movie Soundtrack to Evita). He loved moving to the music and that his mommy was singing along to this fast, rhythmic song. And singing to him! He thrilled at this. Music makes him happy.

This fact makes the gift my mom informed me of monday much more important to me. I told her P. will take piano lessons. She told me that the piano is mine. When we're ready, the piano I learned on, the one that I've played a million times, the one that accompanied my childhood is mine. P. will learn on my piano. This means more than I can say. How do you thank someone for that?




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