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Signal Hill, 2002-06-24, 6:22 p.m.

Wowness. I am so full.

We just barbequed. I just had hotdogs, mushrooms and onions and a small potato, but I'm stuffed. D. had steak. He's also stuffed.

We took a long walk today. A hike really. It was around Signal Hill, one of the historic sights around here. They've done some work in making it a place to walk. Or at least a safer place to walk. This meant there were a lot of stairs put there, a lot of uphill on the way back and a lot of scary heights. But really cool. Some pictures:

the path

the narrows

some houses

the hills

cabot tower

Let's just say that doing yoga almost everyday is paying off. I'm not half as sore or tired as D.!

There's a new review site by they way. Diary Evals is run by these two womyn. Check it out!




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