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Update, 2004-07-19, 8:13 p.m.

I have to cite the heat as the reason I've not written for a while. Either it's been to warm to move or my computer has been turned off before I could finish the two or three entries I've started. It's weird - besides vacation times and the time I was in the hospital, this is the longest I've gone in three years without writing. It feels weird.

Things are great here. P. is learning touch - he pulls on his shirts and wipes his face. D. is concerned he's going to be a lefty - D. grew up a lefty (and is still one) and had horrid writing. For some reason, I'm thrilled at the idea of a left handed child. None of it should make a difference I know - there's just something about people who live in their right mind.....

He now sleeps in his crib, which we moved into our room. He did ok in it last night, but is amazed by the room he has in it. He's getting so big that he needs the space. I was scared, but I'm realizing that I can't stop his progress - I can't keep him my tiny baby forever. I learned from 'Finding Nemo' that I can't promise him to not let anything happen to him. What fun would that be for him? He needs to learn, to grow and to have good experience and bad. Ben Folds is right - someday he'll fly away from me and I have to let him go. For now, a crib is his new roost.

And now I must feed him.....




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