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Pap smears and virus scans, 2002-06-25, 8:45 a.m.

This post is prompted by two things. One is the virus scan I just completed on my machine. The other is a commercial I heard this morning.

See... I've been worried that I have a virus on my computer. So I did a scan, found a couple potential ones and deleted the files (attachments that I'd not opened). Preventative medicine and preventative measures. I know that this is common. People everywhere have virus scans and use them to make sure they're not going to lose their data. It's a big business.

Why is it that our data is more important than our lives? One would think that if we're that conserned about files and folders, we'd be more concerned about our health.

This morning I heard a womyns health advertisment urging everyone to get pap smears. Especially if they're sexually active. Which is so true. They're yucky and they're embarassing and they're no fun at all. But they're a way - the way - to find out if you've got a virus within yourself.

I talked to my adolecence class about this topic. They'd never heard of it. They'd not known that they had to check their breasts and that guys could get breast cancer as well. They didn't know about pap smears. They didn't know about prostate exams. They didn't know they had to get checked yearly.

However, they do know how to protect their data.

What does it say that we as a society know how to protect bits and bytes but not our bits?

Street Cents talks about STDs. Lots of good info. Check it out. And get checked.




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