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Statements, 2007-01-14, 7:11 p.m.

I keep thinking of topics and never post.

On the way home today I thought "that would make a great post" and then I forgot it.

And who wants to hear that D. and I get snippity at each other because of spices ? We're fine but adding more spices than needed to taco meat makes it make us sick. Which makes the snippity.

Or that my breathing is a bit better but I'm very tired?

Or that I hate using PMS as an excuse?

P. is growing, developing, loving, wonderfulling. He's able to repeat what you say and make it better. Mom told me the hat I borrowed looked good on me. P. told me ten minutes later that it looked beautiful on me. He's a charmer.

P. says that our cat is the troublesome trucks. It's so true.

I want to see 'Catch and Release' and I think it's due to the power of Kevin Smith.

Things are looking good for Washington D.C. in May.

Must get assignment done.

I hope I remember what I wanted to post on... it seemed interesting. Unlike this...




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