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Where I whine about food, 2007-03-02, 4:27 p.m.

When I was younger I decided that at some point in my life I wanted an illness. Nothing horrid, preferably something I could sleep through but that I would recover beautifully from. And one that caused me to lose weight. This is a sentiment that I saw reflected in 'Jemima J' and I knew that there was a chance I was not alone in this wish. Sometimes, those of us who carry extra weight don't know how we got here (seriously!) and feel like a little extra help would be useful in getting started in losing some of it. I also feel that if you plan to lose 20 pounds, you should be able to lose it and then do the work - or as a friend said, at least lose 10 of it as incentive. If you don't do the work it comes back in the worst places - upper arms, chin, etc.
Yes, this is someone who has been through the diet/lifestyle/illnesses-making-me-gain-weight wars. I know that exercise and watching what I eat is the way to go, but I also know that sometimes, that's not the way that things go.
Now, I have that illness. Except I didn't have the one I could sleep through and my recovery is less than beautiful. I do sleep a lot but wake up for pain. I am not a pretty sight, nor was I when I was in the hospital.
However... I can't eat. Today I've had a waffle, a juice box, a bowl of soup and an orange. That's more than I ate yesterday. I have thrown-up or gotten stomach sick a few times and after I eat I have to take a half hour or so and try to digest. I burp a lot. It's not pleasant and I'm not great to be around.
Sure I've lost a lot of weight. I've also lost a lot of hair. I dream about food and try to eat and cannot. I just want normal foods - a chicken sandwich for instance - and I can't do it.
Be careful what you wish for. And ensure you take care of your pancreas.




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