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Things I know, 2005-03-09, 11:09 p.m.

Things I know:

    1. I always replace the toilet paper when I use the end of it because chances are I'm going to be the one that needs it next.

    2. My gold membership is expiring soon and I don't have the money (and perhaps desire) to replace it. Suggestions anyone?

    3. 'Dawsons Creek' is delightfully cheesy. And Dawson is a horrid character.

    4. Calcium makes my nails grow.

    5. This game is very addictive.

    6. I want pretty much all of these dresses. Especially any that mention smocking.

    7. Sour cream and chive popcorn rocks my socks.

    8. My son is amazing. More than amazing. And he made me a heart with stickers on it.

    9. My car doesn't seem to like the cold much.

    10. Naps are good.

    11. I got groceries today and I'm very proud of myself.

    12. I'm more tired than anyone who can take a nap at any time should be.

    13. While I love the movie, this is funny.

    14. I'm tired of being sick.




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