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Updating, 2005-03-20, 6:50 a.m.

I've not updated in a while - 21 days to be exact. It's amazing what happens when your child becomes more active. He takes so much of your time and tries to take so many of your keys. Laptop keys that is.
Things have been good. I've started going to cooking classes - I learned 'Heart Healthy Cooking with an Asian Flair' the other night and tuesday P. and I are going to 'Heart Healthy Easter Brunch'. Then next month it's Thai and Greek cooking (two different classes). Heart Healthy of course. The local grocery store runs it - you have an hour or so of watching them cook and go through the recipies, then you eat what they make. And all for six bucks! Since then I've made one of the recipies - Fruit in Phyllo Clusters. So yummy!
I've been working out more and eating less. I covet this dress. Meowpower should be out soon. P. now has three teeth and almost has more. Our holiday this summer is still happening even though I owe loads in taxes. My maternity leave extention may have been approved. I bought a supergold membership for a knitting site that I have yet to start. P. ate spaghetti.
And that may just be all.




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