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Don't believe the news, 2005-12-18, 6:34 a.m.

This was on the local news site yesterday:

    Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts is reeling with the sudden death of one of their own. The school's music teacher died suddenly Friday of unknown causes. The school has called in its grief counseling team to help students and staff cope with the sudden loss. Ascension will be open for the students Sunday from 3-5pm.

It's only short. And it's incorrect in many ways.

It doesn't say that she had viral meningitis.

It doesn't say that she and her fiancé visited the emergency room four times before she was finally diagnosed. By a neurologist.

It doesn't say that that neurologist let her go across the province and didn't admit her.

It doesn't say that she fell into a coma during that drive, was pronounced brain dead and died that night.

It doesn't say how much she cared.

About her students. The trips she took with her students as part of her work. The camps she ran and hours she put into her job.

About her family. She wanted to recover in her parents house. She took her little brother on a family trip this summer. She sister was someone she called in when she was worried about her health.

About her fiancé. They were in love. L-O-V-E. Seeing them together was wonderful. She was so good to his family and was like a sibling in so many ways. A daughter, not just a daughter in law.

And now.... she's gone. My cousin will miss his almost wife. My aunt and uncle will miss their almost daughter in law. Everyone will miss the possibilities that existed until Friday evening.

And nowhere in the news story does it say that.

Don’t believe the news. It’s not the whole story.




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