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Money woes and new clothes, 2005-03-26, 8:46 p.m.

I recently went shopping. Besides being down a size, I got some wonderful things that make me very happy. Of course, I can't afford them, which sucks, but I spent the money. I got this dress, but in coral square patterns, this skirt, this skirt but in black, this sweater but in green, a black t shirt and two tank tops, one yellow, one black. I feel so pretty in them. Which is worth the money I don't have.
We've made a decision about money as well. We're not going to PEI. As it is right now, we've canceled the PEI portion of our trip and will just be going to New Brunswick. It'll be much shorter but it saves us a thousand bucks or so. I just hope that we get to go on this trip. So I can show off my clothes and get to see my relatives and get out of here for a bit. So we don't get to go to green gables this year. There's always next year or the following year - summers after I've been working and we have funds to spare and P. will appreciate it more. Hopefully this will mean that we can go on the NB part. And overall it's a good plan.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.




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