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Letters cut from saturday comics, 2007-01-18, 10:27 p.m.

Random notes:

    I started this as ransom notes. That would be a much more interesting post.

    My feet smell a lot. This is unusual for me. I think it's because I had my boots on from 7:20am to 9:20 pm.

    Supper out with my mom and sis was yummy. We went to a chinese food buffet and gorged. Patrick ate a plate of fries and chicken balls. It's a start in making him a chinese food fan.

    Passionfruit Green Tea Chillers from Second Cup aren't as yummy as I thought they would be.

    D. likes his job again. This is a good thing.

    I have popcorn to eat at my job tomorrow. This is a wonderful thing.

    So many of the points on this list are about food. No wonder I'm not losing weight.

    Yoga is a wonderful thing and I think everyone should do it.

    NCIS kicks butt.

    Send me all your money or the post gets it.

    Or something like that.

    I have an appointment with the bank tomorrow. This could end up being a very good thing.

    I don't want gems and jewels. And kids should not sell them to me. This commercial is bothersome.

    I need to knit again soon.

    I wonder when I'm getting my gallbladder out. Soon I hope.





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