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Snow and spoons, 2007-01-21, 4:02 p.m.

It snowed today. A lot.
I used to be a faster driver. I used to be called 'lead foot lucy' and drive quickly, zipping here and there. No longer. And I'm worse in snow.
Why you ask?
A little thing called Patrick. Having him in the car means that I take care much more. I worry more about crashing, banging and hurting those in the car. Just me? Fine. Whatever happens to me I can handle. If I did something to hurt him, I wouldn't be able to handle that. I guess that's power of motherhood.
It took two hours to get from my parents house to Shoppers to my house. That was extremely long. It usually takes much less time than that - perhaps an hour or an hour and a half depending on traffic. However, we got home safe and sound and that's the main thing. I had one tense moment when I changed lanes and something came up fast behind me. But it worked out. Thank goodness.
Past that today I got a gift from Dad. Sort of. From Nan via Dad. A spoon that was part of her collection that had a lobster on it. When I was a child I was facinated by it. Nan always said it was mine. And now... well, now it is. Bittersweet.




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