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Random, 2006-02-08, 7:13 p.m.

Random thoughts:

- Getting a passport is a pain in the butt. However, it means I'll be able to go to D.C., so ultimately, it's worth it.
- Pictures with no smiles are horrid.
- Today is my sisters birthday and I coulnd't get a hold of her. This makes me sad. But I sent her a few cute e-cards - from me and from P.
- I'd like to know how to make a monkey cake.
- I finally sent a package that I've meant to send for a while the other day.
- I'm making cookies this weekend because I've become one of those parents.
- I want to make the monkey cake because I think it would be cute for P.s birthday. However, I wonder if he'd just like the cake we made last year (a train). But that takes HOURS and he had one last year. Maybe .... hmmm...
- Maybe a Balamory cake. Hmmm....
- Ok, it's months until his birthday. Let's get more random again.
- Need sleep. P. has been sick and up a lot at night - coughing or just waking. So I've been up a lot. I can tell it in my moods.
- Lately I've been thinking about depressions and how drama queen I feel I was. Yet, while in them, it's far from drama queen. Perhaps I need to realize that the moods happen, the highs and lows happen and it's not drama queen, but instead how it is. And that I need to take care of myself to avoid them. I guess if I'm able to look back and see them as drama queen then I'm doing good. And I would never think anyone else is drama queen. Just so you know.
- I think that Jamie from 'Mythbusters' is good looking
- Go and buy 'In her Shoes'. What a good movie.
- I'm hungry.
- P. talks cute in his sleep.




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