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Sick and pictures, 2005-01-17, 9:37 a.m.

I have no idea what's going on lately, but my belly is not good. I just hope that whatever it is P. doesn't get it.
I didn't sleep well last night either.
All of this, plus the storm outside makes for a not great start to the day. Ah well.
I had all of these great entries to write and now I can't remember them.
Things here, besides my ickyness, are good. We had a warm weekend and we did some outdoors stuff.
Ok, slight pause as I took a piece of plastic out of P.s mouth. Love the fact that he's in the putting things in his mouth stage.
Knitting is going well and I'll soon be making a knitting blog. Meowpower is going to be in 'Bitch' and when I'm feeling better I'm going to fix a few design glitches and write my articles.
By the way, thanks everyone for the advice on finding a knitting group and contacting my old friend. I looked online in the places reccomended and have mentally composed a letter to make contact. And Jenn, curves is owned by someone who uses his money for pro-choice means, hence the political comment.
Ok, nap time. And some pictures:

P. at christmas (and laundry) time. Note the beautiful toybox in the background that my dad built and his new teddy bear:

While cleaning up the kitchen, I took the opportunity to put him in my computer chair. He's so cute!!

(yes, I know the kitchen is a mess - that's why it was being cleaned!!! And while cleaning it seemed to become the dropzone for everything. Ok, justification over!!)

The other day, I heard a rustling. We have most of the living room barred off. However, P. found the way out. He emerged from behind the chair a happy boy! We quickly blocked it off!

And, just for L., a picture of my shorter hair. Shorter and much darker than when I was young. I'm getting used to it. Shorter, darker and thicker! Which isn't a bad thing!

Now, naptime!




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