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Hallowe'en pictures, 2005-11-01, 07:33

This is what I sent a friend earlier. Enjoy.

    Get the attachment? No? That's because he did not let me put his costume on. AT ALL. Well, we did get it on and he screamed and screamed and screamed. Fortunately we were outside as we figured he was warm inside and that's why he didn't want it on. So the neighbours heard. And then he screamd and screamed and screamed and screamed and we got in the car and he screamed some more. So we stopped and took it off. We didn't get to make the stops I wanted to make (M.s, my aunts) and just went out to my parents house where he ran around like crazy and said 'NO!!' each time we tried to put the costume on him. Either that, or he'd nod until we tried to and then would cry when he saw it. He used to love that damn costume.

This is what I sent a mailing list that I'm on (we do blessings and bitchings as a way to vent and appreciate things):

    This was my note from the universe today (as indeed it was everyones I assume), but it made a lot of sense to me :

      Focus on what was good, Alison, think of what was fun, and remember what you liked.

      Happy November!

      The Universe

    My bitching is, of course, Patrick and his costume. He loved it when we bought it, he loved wearing it before. But last night, nope. No costume. I'm disappointed as I wanted to have pictures, show him off and have my little monkey in a monkey costume. But you know what, my blessings come from yesterday as well. He shares SO well - we ate some of the cheesies that parents at the day care gave him and he kept giving one or two to me when he saw I didn't have one. He ate chocolate for the first time yesterday and had so much fun running around on a chocolate fix. He didn't hurt himself when he slid off of the piano bench at my parents house. He played piano, ran around and giggled a lot. He has a sense of self and knows what he likes and what doesn't work for him. He knows and loves my parents, knows and loves their house and knows and loves myself and Der. And really, monkey suit or not, he is my monkey. Sure I regret not having pictures, but maybe someother time we can put the suit on him and get a few. He had fun last night and that's the point of hallowe'en for kids his age.

And that was Hallowe'en for us. No pictures, no costume, but a kid that likes to run around and share his cheesies.




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