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Bitchings and Blessings, 2006-06-12, 6:09 p.m.

I post these on a mailing list I'm on, so why not here?

1. I have to do more supervision in the LRC. It's exam time and the other LRT wanted more time of his covered.
2. It's humid. I hate humid.
3. I hurt from the advanced workout that I did tonight.

1. I did the advanced workout and made it through. And my heart rate was good the whole time, to the point that the person bringing me through it said that I was in really good shape.
2. Patrick making me smile. I sing 'I have the blues' and he replies 'I have the greens'.
3. Patrick going to sleep without boobie. Just because it means that I'm a little more free. However, I still get cuddles as I hug him to sleep every night. It's a wonderful closeness.
4. Comments from students in their journals. It's wonderful to know what an impact I had on some of them. Or that they learned so much about themselves. Or that they just enjoyed the course. Yay!! It's been a good year.
5. Being told that I am in shape.
6. I think I'm gong to buy the dress that I want tomorrow.

Oh .... and this picture:

and this one:




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