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Crazy life, 2006-05-28, 5:21 p.m.

Since I last updated, much has happened.

  • I've been to another country.
  • Patrick is weaned.
  • My grandmother had a heart attack.

The other country was the US. I went to Washington D.C. with a school trip and was soooo busy - I walked more than I slept. It was a human rights and the holocaust trip, so we went to the Holocaust museum, did an excursion to the mall for the monuments of freedom, went to the Smithsonians of Natural History, Space and Travel and American history. I had many pictures of me taken while in the other country, which is good because it means that I'll have pictures of me, but I don't like it because I don't like how I look. Perhaps I'll post one or two later on.
Due to my trip to the other country, P. is weaned. He now just needs cuddles to go to sleep. This is a good thing, but a sad thing too. I may have breastfed for the last time ever on Sunday May 21st, just before I got in the taxi to go to the airport. Kinda sad, but after over two years it was time.
My nan is fine now, but it was scary news to find out, especially while I was gone. I went to see her today and she's good.
But it's all crazy lately. Here's hoping life calms down soon.




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