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Busy week, 2006-07-02, 4:03 p.m.

It's been a heck of a week.
Monday we found we owe money to the bank that I thought was paid. More than I had onhand and was a frustrating amount to have to find.
Tuesday continued that frustration.
Wednesday P. went to work with me and tired me out. However, D. had a worse day with flooding of his workplace and having to get servers moved all day and so we spend the night both exhausted.
Thursday we had some car problems and then I went home, only to lose the brakes in the driveway. We had to get a tow to the garage which took forever to show up. A brake line had gone, luckily in the driveway. We used moms car that afternoon and got the car back that evening.
Friday everything went ok, but I had to cook so many things - cookies, pasta, chicken divan, macaroni and cheese. So very busy.
Then Saturday we wne tot my parents house. And now we're back. I have to get packed to go to Ottawa tomorrow morning.
So busy. So crazy. But we're all ok.
Just so tired.
So very tired.




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