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Icky Sicky, 2005-02-14, 1:13 p.m.

I feel very accomplished.
One goal for maternity leave was to learn how to bake bread. And my first try didn't do it - it was heavy and gross. We didn't even eat any. Now I'm using bread and roll mix and making bread and rolls. I made, from the mix (which is basically a thing of yeast and a flour shaped bag of the ingreadiants for bread, with all the instructions on the side. So it's basically a recipe with the ingreadiants there. And I followed it, making a pan of rolls, a loaf of bread and a pan of garlic/cheese rolls (I decided to add these ingrediants - the side said nothing about it). WHen I took the buns out of the pan, the crust stuck to it, so some were decrusted. But when I put the crust back on, they look pretty. As do the garlic ones. As does the bread. I'm proud. I just hope it's all cooked through.
In other news, Peanut has a cold. Runny nose, a sad little cough and heavy looking eyes. Poor little boy. He gets cranky so easily now and wants many cuddles. And hugs. And hates having his very runny nose wiped.
Past that, it's valentines day. We're not doing anything outside of the house, but are going to have a fancy dinner made at home. Barbequed steak, garlic bread, baked potatoes, ceaser salad and (mmmmmm..) deep and delicious cake for dessert. I'd better do my dishes from bread baking so that the kitchen is clean for our feast!




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