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Kate Winslet Rocks My World, 2006-11-24, 10:44 a.m.

So I'm off for another few days. At least until Wednesday. I could have stayed off all of next week but I'm going to go back to my presentation on Wednesday and then have a shortened week and teach on thursday and friday. Which is going to be interesting. I'm nervous about going back but it's good. I'll be able to do it I think. I'm not as tired as I used to be and my incision is healing well.
I'm watching 'Titanic' and it's at the scene where the Captain and bigwig crew are finding out from the builder that yes, the ship will sink and it will sink in an hour or two. How horrid it would have been to be in that room and realize the magnitude of the discussion. I guess it would be that way with any disaster, any tragedy. The weight of responsibility falling on people who are hopefully prepared enough to carry it.
Yes, I'm watching 'Titanic'. I've been watching on average, two movies a day. Part of this is because there's skateboarding, Thomas the Train and Sesame Street programmed in all day it seems. At least when anything good is on. So it's been Jersey Girl, Gone with the Wind, Rent, Center Stage, In her Shoes, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, Love Actually and other such movies. Nothing mind straining, nothing that will make me think very much. However, I have had several crying moments where something in a film has made me tear up a little. I guess that's how it goes.
Kate Winslet is breathtakingly beautiful, especially with red hair. Perhaps the next film will be 'Sense and Sensibility' rather than 'Beaches'. Or maybe 'Heavenly Creatures'. I love me some Kate Winslet.
Maybe it's time for a new design......




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