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Me in Dar Lyrics, 2002-07-18, 5:19 p.m.

Lots happening... but until I can discuss it all....As per Abendbrot, questions. Execpt they are to be answered using lyrics from one band/singer/group.

Chosen Band: Dar Williams

1. Are you male or female?

    I won't forget when Peter Pan came to my house, took my hand
    I said I was a boy; I'm glad he didn't check.

      ~When I was a boy

2. Describe Yourself.

    I won't be your Yoko Ono
    If you're not good enough for me...
      ~ I won't be your Yoko Ono

    The child who played with the moon and stars

      ~ Family

    And she doesn't want to let go
    'Cause she won't know what she's up against
    The classrooms and the smart girls

      ~ End of the Summer

    And I'll act like I have faith and like that faith never ends
    But I really just have friends

      ~ My Friends

    I'll just be quiet when I get angry and hurt
    I'm stopping traffic, cinemagraphic
    With my long black coat hanging down in the dirt
    And my hair clinging to my face in the rain
    Like a goddess from the cult of beautiful pain

      ~ Another Mystery

    And I wake up and I ask myself what state I'm in
    And I say well I'm lucky, 'cause I am like East Berlin
    I had this wall and what I knew of the free world
    Was that I could see their fireworks
    And I could hear their radio
    And I thought that if we met, I would only start confessing
    And they'd know that I was scared
    They'd would know that I was guessing
    But the wall came down and there they stood before me
    With their stumbling and their mumbling
    And their calling out just like me

      ~ What do you hear in these sounds

3. How do others feel about you? a flinty kind of woman
    And you don't act smart and you don't touch my children
    If the young man wants to see the sun go down

      ~ Flinty Kind of Woman

    And I still need the beauty of words sung and spoken
    And I live with the fear that my spirit will be broken
    And that's the way I thought it would be
    That's the way I always wanted it to be.

      ~ In Love but not at peace

    And they don't understand
    I've shown them all that I can
    That the world is at hand

      ~ Calling the Moon

4. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse:

    "He's a quiet man," that's all she said
    And he's a thoughtful man
    It's just he likes to keep his thoughts up in his head

      ~ My Friends

    And February was so long that it lasted into March
    And found us walking a path alone together.
    You stopped and pointed and you said, "That's a crocus,"
    And I said, "What's a crocus?" and you said, "It's a flower,"
    I tried to remember, but I said, "What's a flower?"
    You said, "I still love you."

      ~ February

5. What would you rather be doing?

    I am the one who lives with the ocean,
    It's where we came from, you know, and sometimes I just want to go back,
    After a day, we drink 'til we're drowning, walk to the ocean, wade in with our workboots,
    Wade in our workboots, try to finish the job.
    You don't know how precious you are, I am the one who lives with the ocean.
    You don't know how I am the one. You don't know how I am the one."

      ~ The Ocean

6. Describe where you live:

    I hear the neighbors upstairs
    I hear my heart beating
    I hear one thousand hearts beating at the hospital
    And one thousand hearts by their bedsides waiting
    Saying that's my love in the white gown,
    We are not lost in the Mortal City

      ~Mortal City

    My house is hard to find, but I'll give you directions,
    You can visit sometime, down where all that I built surrounds me
    Just make sure your car's got good shocks
    There's steep hills, there's potholes, there's rocks

      ~ This is not the house that pain built

7.Describe how you love:

    Hey, what do you love more than love
    Hey, what do you love more than love
    When you feel your soul go beyond your skin
    When you know that's the way that it's always been
    Hey, what do you love more than love
    Hey, what do you love more than love

      ~What do you love more than love?

    And I'd not believed it til I loved, I love
    The rivers sing and stars awaken above me
    And the wind and the moon in fits of restless conspiring
    Turn night to heaven for you.

      ~ I love, I love (Travelling II)

    Let your love cover me,
    Like a pair of angel wings,
    You are my family,
    You are my family.


8. Share a few words of wisdom:

    I am the captain and I have been told
    But I am not shaken, I am eight years old
    And you are still young, but you'll understand
    That the stars of the sea are the same for the land
    And we came to learn the sea

      ~ We Learned the Sea

    So the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the table,
    Finding faith and common ground the best that they were able,
    And where does magic come from? I think magic's in the learning,
    'Cause now when Christians sit with Pagans only pumpkin pies are burning.

      ~ The Christians and the Pagans

Lyrics from Dar Williams Lyrics Archive




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