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Merry Christmas, 2006-12-26, 7:05 p.m.

So this is Christmas...

I don't really celebrate Christmas. Well, not the sacred Christmas. It's not really within my belief structure. However, I do celebrate the Christmas of family. Of getting together, eating way to much, exchanging gifts and generally being with each other. This year was no different. And it was fantastic.

P. is at the age where he is enjoying his first real christmas. This is the first one that he really knew what was happening and what to expect. And he was hyper the full time - from when we put up the tree (which he picked out) to making cookies for his teachers at daycare. He was super excited on Christmas eve when he was the host to his grandparents and aunt and uncle for a barbeque, super excited when he recieved his pajamas from Santa and even more excited Christmas morning when he came out and saw his Thomas and Friends table and the gifts taht supprounded it all. Sure he had a super puking stomach flu on tibs eve, but from the excitement you'd never be able to tell!

D. recieved several skateboard ramps (te(k de(k ones) from me as well as some dvds and some lego. I recieved several movies ('Bride and Prejudice, Evita and Finding Neverland) from him as well as some kick ass boots (they make me feel like a super hero). P. got a thomas table and chairs set, thomas lego, the 'C@rs' movie and many other gifts. He was spoiled at our house and then went to my parents house and was super spoiled. As was I. I recieved this wonderful gift. It meant that D. and I didn't get many gifts from my parents, which sounds worse than it is - we agreed that our family gift would be the camera, as opposed to getting several smaller gifts. P. got so much stuff that it was embarassing at one point. My parents loved what we got them (a print of a lighthouse we visit during the summer). And my brother bought us all chickens in africa from oxfam.

At one point I felt really bad. There are people who have nothing - we raised money for several school families including one at the last minute where we raised 400$ in about 30 minutes. However, everything was useful and so often it would be something like a pack of socks, pajamas or a toy organizer. It doesn't necessarly make it better, but it does at least mean that it wasn't wasteful.

We're back home, watching frosty while the tree glows in the corner. P. is calming down a bit but knows more words to Frosty (dialogue and songs) than I thought, so it's not the most sleep inducing show. I just feel so content and warm inside. It's wonderful.

On a sadder note, there is an auction going on to aid the Kim family. Check out around January 3rd to bid on some beautiful items.




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